Elizabeth Braund

Elizabeth Margaret Braund was born in 1921 in London. Her father (Henry Linthwaite Benedict Braund) and his forebears were all successful lawyers with strong intellectual ability. Her mother, Margaret (nee Jones) was described as a brilliant pianist.

Elizabeth grew up surrounded by family and relatives who enjoyed travel, the Arts and success in their professional worlds.

In 1935 her parents moved to Burma which necessitated Elizabeth boarding at St. Felix School. An industrious pupil, enjoying History in particular, she was selected for Oxford University. Unfortunately this was when WW2 broke out and her parents wished her to join them for safety.

One can imagine the contrast of boarding school to Burma – to which Elizabeth adapted well. However her letters show no tolerance of complacency in privileged surroundings. She read extensively and enjoyed intellectual discussion. Although not qualified for any profession, she eventually worked for MI9 in New Delhi when her parents moved to India. (Her father was knighted for his work here.)

Here she met James Denny, who as a former BBC musical director later gave her an opening at the BBC.

Unfortunately Elizabeth suffered from severe gastric problems in India and she had to return to England. Her life style became nomadic staying with different friends who offered her support in finding work.

She undertook some research at Oxford University for a Professor and later adapted plays for the BBC. She was asked to undertake further research on the history of The Bible – having scant regard for anything religious she undertook this with her usual thoroughness and became fascinated by it.

This coincided with staying with Dr. Majorie Blackie who occasionally took her to Westminster Chapel. Here, whilst listening to Dr. Martyn- Jones preach, Elizabeth recognized the gaps she had been feeling in her life and became a Christian.

All at once the influences and skills of her life fell into place and she could see a purpose for herself.

Her writing skills, energy for research and independent thinking led her to become the editor of the Evangelical Magazine when she located to Providence Chapel in Battersea to store the publishing material.

Little did she realize that this would lead to something that would change the rest of her life – and others.

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Gen 1:25

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