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The Shallowford Trust has a clear purpose and mission. This is set out in the Shallowford Trust’s Charity Framework (Charity Number 1105186) “the charity runs a farm in the heart of Dartmoor to which it organises visits, principally for children from London and other cities to experience life and work on a farm. The trustees hope their visitors will gain greater knowledge of the wider created order and a Christian understanding of it.”

So many people have found Shallowford a wonderful place to come to for refreshment and new challenges; to spend time re-adjusting; re-connecting with themselves and their life-journey. And the Trust’s mission is to build on that. Volunteers are now able to give to others something of what they themselves received. Supporters are helping to expand the mission and outreach of Shallowford. And a small, dedicated staff are committed to Elizabeth Braund’s vision. Shallowford is taking on a new lease of life as volunteers, supporters and staff grow the shared mission to widen and deepen the experience that is Shallowford.

Slavic sitting beside the huge open fire in the sitting roomOne visitor couldn’t get over the excitement of finding wild blueberries growing ready to pick and eat “without anyone cultivating them!” – Dartmoor abounds in this fruit. Other visitors find the timeless experience of sitting in front of a log fire in a 400 year old room is amazing – “it feels like the home I’ve never had.” We can’t predict what people will take away from a stay at Shallowford, but we do our best to provide the opportunities for such experiences.

We believe that Shallowford, with all its richness and beauty and life, is the perfect place to enable people to encounter something bigger than themselves. With such a wonderful environment, and so many dedicated people involved, we hope that you will come and see what it’s like for yourself.


The BBC News Channel reported about Outdoor Learning boosting children’s development. You can see the article here:

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