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The Results Are In! – City to Farm

As you all know, A group of up to 10 adventurous cyclists took on the 250 mile challenge from Battersea in London to Widecombe on the Moor (Dartmoor) between 25-29 August 2019. The aim was to raise £20,000 for two …

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Journey Log – City to Farm 2019

Journey Log – City to Farm 2019

A group of up to 10 adventurous cyclists took on the 250 mile challenge from Battersea in London to Widecombe on the Moor (Dartmoor) between 25-29 August 2019. The aim was to raise £20,000 for two related charities: East Shallowford …

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East Shallowford Farm – Open Day!

East Shallowford Farm – Open Day!

Feel welcome to join us on Saturday 14th September 2019 from 10.00am  – 6.00pm and learn more about the opportunities we can provide. Shallowford is a place of learning and building experiences that opens doors to many who have no …

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City to Farm 2019 – Help Us Meet Our Target

City to Farm 2019 – Help Us Meet Our Target

10 riders will be cycling from Providence House to East Shallowford Farm between 25-29th August 2019. We are raising funds to help continue the vital work of these 2 amazing charities. Please give generously by clicking here. Or by clicking the …

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Wonderful Summer

Wonderful Summer

As the schools planned for their end of year activities, Shallowford provided the magic that would carry them through the summer and beyond. To different age groups, Shallowford provides different things. However, the magic tends to fall into one of …

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Newton Abbot Races

On Wednesday 10th August we have been invited, by Newton Abbot race course, to be their “Charity of the day”. We will be mentioned in the race card and promoted over the loud speakers. We can have a table display …

Family Tents Needed

We are planning the next Family Camping week (15-18 August) during which many of the young people bring their families down to the farm. For some this is their only holiday of the year. We would be very grateful if …


Antony has been working with us as a volunteer since April on regular 2 week visits. His last visit involved working with the team for shearers as they processed our flock for 40 sheep and then moved to Broadaford and …

Ticking off the Tasks

We created a long list of tasks for the work party to complete during their weekend – and they managed it. Much energy was expended, the pressure hose worked over time, barns were cleared, wood store tidied and restocked, chicken …

Falcon Road Heritage Festival

What a weekend that was! Five of us travelled from the farm to Providence House to assist them in their contribution to this festival. We took a farm flavor with us to share with passersby – a fiber glass life …

The Visit of the Wise Guys

Phil and Andrew gave up much to bring the group of lads to the farm for 4 days – work, time, energy, sleep and a few grey hairs!!! Wisdom was required on many occasions, We all learnt much and are …

Fish and Chips Enjoyed by All

The Women’s group in May enjoyed a whole weekend of giggles, the farm animals, the seaside and a wonderful walk along the river. The fellowship, friendship and food were all top quality and much enjoyed by everyone.

“I am SO proud of my legs!”

Esther had some valuable quality time with just two young people over a weekend. Dartmoor rained it’s rain but we walked anyway and got wet – very wet – but what a great time it was. We rolled in the …

Shallowford Happy Meat

The pigs have been very productive and now we have some beautiful Shallowford Pork frozen down and available for purchase. We are able to deliver to London at PH for collection from there or from the farm here in Devon. …

Forest School

The work with Widecombe Forest school continues weekly. The children have been delightful as they built dens, searched for beetles, cooked on an open fire, found treasure, followed trails, mixed wiffs from the forest into cocktails and laid under the …

And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: the livestock, the creatures that move along the ground, and the wild animals, each according to its kind.” And it was so.

Gen 1:24

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