Making A Difference

“Shallowford has had a big impact on my life. I have got used to the smells and the environment, I accept them more now”.(Morgan 14)

“Shallowford has opened my eyes to what I have taken for granted all my life, I love sharing it with the groups from Providence House.” (Evie 27 – farmers wife)

“I used to be lacking in confidence, afraid of the animals. Now I’m not scared.” (Shammai 12)

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As we look at the wild, open space before our eyes,

It is plainly obvious that God’s in the skies.

The textures and colours all over this place,

Are evidence of the smile on His face.

As the wild horses roam on this breezy sunny day

We sit high in the mountains and ponder His grace.

We are thankful for the time He has allowed us rest

And for this reason we know we are blessed.

We are bound together by our times at the farm.

Lord thank you for keeping us safe from harm


“I have learnt how to interact more with the animals.” (Kyle 15)

“Coming to Shallowford has made me realize how much work goes into farming.” (Lewis 12)

“Shallowford so inspired my love of the outdoors it has become my career. Work experience at the farm boosted my CV.” (Mark 25 – National Trust)

“Here I have leant how animals react and where food comes from” (Kairos 11)

Volunteer at Shallowford Farm

We’ve been brought to this peaceful earthly place

Blessed quietness equal in this space

Sweetened by God’s blessed grace

We keep in harmony content in this place

Open your senses and be at one with God’s World

“What does Shallowford mean to me? I can see the provision of a facility whereby those who have less opportunities can come to a place where there is a spirit of openness, generosity and freedom. They can enjoy Gods creation without the limitations of London. It allows them to explore in thier own way.” (David – older! – volunteer)

“I haven’t needed to play on my “tablet”!” (Shammai 11)

“I get the best of both worlds – I am fully involved in the city and have opportunities in the countryside for groups to bring down. Shallowford and its setting has helped me to give a greater understanding of this world” (Robert – older! – youth worker)



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And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: the livestock, the creatures that move along the ground, and the wild animals, each according to its kind.” And it was so.

Gen 1:24

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