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Looking ahead – the Cycle Ride is coming up!!!

Looking ahead – the Cycle Ride is coming up!!!

It is going to be a very busy year for the team with many more groups coming to enjoy the farm, learn from the animals and immerse themselves in the wild spaces around us. Please do keep an eye on …

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Mums and Daughters enjoy the farm

Ten of them came and spent a wonderful few days of quality time with each other. As well as working with the animals and walking on the moors, there were many deep discussions around relationships and the meaning of True …

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Wonderful Work Party

A select few came once again and blessed us all here at the farm with energy, enthusiasm and muscle power! As always the list of tasks was long but they stuck at it and produced plenty of fire wood stacked …

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Let it Snow, let it snow

For 5 days at the end of January we hunkered down and enjoyed that wonderful silence that comes with the snow. It was so beautiful, so quiet and so annoying!!! It must be my age – love it for a …

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Praise the Lord for New Beginnings

It is difficult to believe that the decision shared with the Trustees last September is about to be fulfilled.It is all very surreal, with only a few weeks left here at Shallowford after 5 exciting years. It is a decision …

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Word for Today: Farm to City and the Sheep of his Pasture. Thursday 7th June 2018.

They were two families, single mums, of course, each with twins. They were in temporary accommodation and in a strange place. In a strange place where they were constantly looked at, even gawped and peered at, as if they were themselves something strange. At least it was warm and sheltered, and food and water readily available, and at night there was security.

One family were highlanders, and the other white-faced Dartmoor. Yes, indeed, there are sheep by Clapham Junction! And pigs and calves and a tractor, with ducks, chicks and chickens, and a goose, not forgetting the turkey.

Almost 300 have taken the organised tour, school children, young people, and other groups. Hundreds have stopped to peer on their way to work, at the Farm to City experience set up outside Providence House Youth Club on Falcon Road, Battersea.

This is providing a unique, hands on educational experience each day this week for Battersea School children, culminating in a community day on Saturday 9th June.

There are 12 learning activities to help bring alive something of the farming and food production to inner city young people, all put together in partnership with the Shallowford Trust and Providence House. Definitely worth a visit.

Back to the sheep. Sheep are a great metaphor for community, and a great illustration for caring and being cared for.

This is what Psalm 100 says:

‘Know that the Lord is God.
It is He who made us, and we are His.
We are His people.
We are the sheep of His pasture.’

Each of us, today, look to God for identity, for belonging and community, for care and protection.


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God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

Gen 1:25

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